Generate worry-free passive income.
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I lease rooftops all over Massachusetts as a community solar project. Millions of property owners want to benefit from solar energy but would rather not:

  • Invest tens of thousands of dollars in a solar project
  • Maintain and monitor the system
  • Wait years for a return on the investment in energy savings

Rent Me Your Roof is different. By renting your rooftop, I give you cash upfront before installing the system. After installation, you receive a check every 3 months for life. All the solar equipment is fully insured. You'll never have to pay anything. Rent Me Your Roof is the easiest way to get into solar worry-free.

Request a quote and start earning solar income today. 
Thousands of dollars. Actual amounts are going to depend on different factors like your property's sun exposure,  roof angle and size, etc. Fill out the contact form for a quote today!
Likely yes it will. A structural engineer will evaluate your roof before installation. No home entry is required. So, no appointment necessary.
Any damaged equipment or damage caused by the equipment is not the responsibility of the owner.  Snow will not damage the panels or roof. It just melts and slides off. 
Property owners are compensated upfront prior to installation. Permitting will take some time depending on your city and utility provider. Scheduling an installation for the solar equipment is quick and efficient. Typically a couple months to complete the installation. 
None. Just your commitment to a long term lease agreement that will cost you nothing, ever.  If you sell your property, the lease simply transfers to the new owner.